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Training Schedule

Building relationships, one positive pooch at a time!

All of our classes are taught by highly trained and certified instructors using positive, force-free methods. We keep class sizes small to insure you receive lots of one on one attention from the instructors.

We will show you how to communicate with your pooch using reliable feedback for quick responses to your cues using a method called Clicker Training. This uses a tool called a clicker that makes a unique sound to let your dog know a reward is coming.  It has been scientifically proven time and time again to be an effective way to communicate to your dog when they did something right.  It is also used widely in marine mammals, zoos, and in TV and movies. 

Our instructors are also always reading, and attending classes and seminars, to further our understanding of learning theory and behavior modification to provide the best training possible for you and your dog.

Get a FREE day of daycare with any class graduation certificate - even from other trainers!

Class Schedule

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