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Evaluation Process

Evaluations are required for all new guests.
The process is simple, and includes a day of daycare!

Evaluations are scheduled Monday-Friday. We only schedule one family per day to allot as much time to your dog(s) as possible. Drop off on your first day must be between 6 AM - 7:30 AM so that your dog is one of the first dogs to arrive and meets everyone one-on-one. Plan to spend 10-15 minutes chatting with staff, going over your application and what to expect for the day. The cost includes a day of daycare.

We require a minimum of 3 hours to allow your dog to adjust to daycare, and prefer them to stay until at least 2 PM. They are welcome to stay all day if they are enjoying their stay.

We have a form we fill out and will go over it with you when you pick up your dog. If everything goes great, you can sign up for your next day of daycare that afternoon! If any major issues arise during the test, we will separate your dog and call you.

If your dog has not attended daycare within the past 6 months, a new evaluation will be required.

Cost Per Day
Our evaluation has 3 levels. 
We will explain which level your dog received and why.

No major issues. Should settle into the routine after a few sessions.


Needs Work
Some issues such as shyness, nervousness/fear, or obedience issues
(does not listen/lack of impulse control). These dogs might flourish with our
routine and settle in nicely over time, but will require extra time.

Major issues such as aggression or extreme fear.
Daycare is not an appropriate fit for these dogs and alternatives can be discussed.

Give us a call to set up an evaluation: (253) 804-9400

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