Two Hour Workshop Classes

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2 hours

Course Length:

Intro To Clicker: Every 2nd Saturday

@ 11 am

All Others: Saturdays @ 2:30 pm

Course Day and Time:




Intro To Clicker workshop or any class at Positive Pooches

Class Description:

Our Workshop series are single 2 hour classes covering a single topic. Each day is a different topic. Sign up for one or for them all. Can retake them as many times as you want. Open to dogs who have completed the Intro to Clicker Workshop, or at least 1 class or Canine Camp with us.

Intro To Clicker

This is a one hour FREE workshop to introduce you to clicker training, and prepare you for any of our other workshops and classes! With this workshop, you are able to skip Basic Behavior if you feel your pup already has the basics down, and you may jump straight into Beyond Basic Behavior or our Fun with Fido series! *REMINDER* This is a without dogs workshop, so please leave your pups at home for this one!

Reliable Recall

Reliable Recalls are the most important cue your dog can know. For their own safety, coming when called can be the difference between safe and dangerous. Reliable Recalls covers several different types of recall and lets us practice in person to build a stronger recall. Bring lots of amazing treats and bring the best extra special treats for Emergency Recall.

Walk With Me

Does your pooch pull on leash when on walks? This workshop covers walking nicely on a loose leash and polite greetings. Teach your dog to Walk With Me.

Fancy Feet

Does your dog hate getting their nails trimmed? Do they run for cover when the clippers come out? In this Workshop, we will help you help your dog have a more pleasant experience with their nails and feet. We will mostly be using clippers, but will also discuss nail grinders and scratch boards.

And more!!!