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Hunter can't wait to get in when we get there! He is exhausted when he comes home, which is great when you have a one year old puppy :-)

~ Kate


Simply the best place for dogs! Loving, caring staff who treat your fur babies like they are their own.
~ Donna

DaisyMae loves going here and she is treated very well. The facility is very clean, well maintained, and the dogs are treated very good.

~ Beverly


Wonderful place. I feel at peace traveling, knowing Snoopy is in their care.

~ Joanne

Positive Pooches is the former owners of Primo Petcare. They built this building from the ground up because they became so successful at their rented location. I applaud them for being smart business owners and investing the fruits of their labor into a greater purpose for their business. 

The run a great indoor operation for doggy daycare & boarding, including grooming and a little shop in the lobby. If you are considering taking your dog to daycare of boarding, please do your research. Most other facilities will keep your dog locked up in a crate all day and your dog will only be taken out 2-3 times a day to use the potty. If you want your dog to have any human or dog interaction, you will have to pay more. If you go to an establishment where your dog is in a 'dog run'... yes it will be "free", but I hope you realize that they just let the dogs pee/poop in the dog run and they scoop/spray it once a day. Nor will your dog have any human or dog interaction. Positive Pooches allows your dog to be free the majority of the time. If your dog is shy or smaller, there are separate areas. If you want your dog to be in his/her crate all day, there is a separate room for crating so he/she isn't being taunted by other free dogs. They take the dogs out to potty in regular cycles and they separate them for snack/feeding time. The dogs are crated when boarded over-night and you can bring your own doggy bed/blanket to make your dog feel more comfortable. Many other boarding establishments are not flexible or accommodating, and if they do, charge you extra. I am certain from my own research that you will be paying MORE to go somewhere else.

It is apparent that they care about their business as they use and sell quality products, have friendly & professional workers, and have great PR including newsletters, FB pictures/videos posted daily, email correspondence, holiday events, handmade Christmas cards, giving back to the community, and participating in local events. 

Thank you Positive Pooches!!  ~ Angie

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